Bringing the spaghetti western community together

My dear friends. Travelling without laptop or work stuff gives me some time to think, and even though this is a digital semi-timeout also from the SWDb, it isn’t from emails, social media or this lovely forum. Lovely because of all of you.

Sometimes I would like to think that the SWDb is the meeting point for the world wide fan community. But it isn’t quite that (let me explain in a second) and I would like us to do what we can to change that at least for as much as possible: the SWDb is still a very US/Euro-centric place dominated by the English-speaking parts of the internet. The share of Italians, Spaniards, French or Portiguese is very small, just as a (glaring) example.

I think the world is a better place with strong networks of like minded folks keeping the spaghetti western alive. And just as much the SWDb will be an even greater place if it gained in size and depth around the world.

So here are a few things (aside from the technical and editorial work being discussed in the improvement topic) that we could do to broaden our community and make its network effect, reach and quality even better:

  • gather info about where fans are all over the net (Facebook groups, message boards etc)
  • explore other channels of communication, such as Instagram
  • send more newsletters (multilingual)
  • do we need more swdb content in oyher languages and advertise this content better?
  • how could we reach outside the “white middle age male” audience
  • is the swdb still too hard to find (test it with a google search for a movie or actor)
  • do we have creative artists ans marketing gurus among us to create banners, buttons and social media posts in many langauges for us all to use?
  • have YOU ever tried the invite tool in your swdb forum account, or were you not even aware of it
  • which parts of the swdb could draw more people if maintained better (e.g. screenings ticker, posters)?

What are your thoughts? What else could we do and what are examples of things you’ve done or that you’re doing?

Growing list of “other” communities (you can post these or send them to me and I will update this list):

FB groups

FB pages (update: unsorted, still collecting)

FB pages (home cinema labels)

FB Pages (movies)

FB Pages Almeria related


Spanish channels

Italian channels

French channels

Portuguese channels

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I think part of the problem you’ll always face is that this is a niche interest…I, for instance, have never used the invite tool, because the only people I know in my life who like spaghetti westerns are here. I don’t know who else I’d invite! Here is my attempt to help, though, in gathering info!

Facebook Groups of which I’m a member:

Blog-style sites I visit regularly:


…And let me add that because I don’t know anyone else who shares my love of spaghetti westerns, I am infinitely grateful to have this site as a resource!


Yep … that’s true for many of us. Even the term ‘Spaghetti Western’ is something that’s unknown to many younger film enthusiasts.

True. However, around the web there are so many more, following instagram accounts, joining FB groups, subscribing to magazines, buying DVDs, reading books, all that in many languages. For this reason I think the SWDb is just the tip of a much larger, insufficiently explored, iceberg.

SWDB has always come up for me first when I did any SW search engine research. I’m not aware of much beyond it and haven’t sought out too many other sources, although there probably are many good sites.

As far as reaching younger audiences, there is increasing push back against political correctness and what is perceived by many younger males to be an anti-masculine agenda in media in general and Hollywood in particular. SW’s are nothing if not masculine oriented and can be promoted in opposition to what seeks to declare masculinity as “toxic” today. SJWs and most women are not going to like SWs anyway so there is no need to pander. As far as non-white audiences, there again the masculine element figures in. Many non-European younger males, to this day, have not been indoctrinated by a feminized culture and wouldn’t be adverse to SWs. To me the first step in promoting SWs is understanding what they really are and that is strictly masculine fantasies produced by a masculine Italian culture, which is part of why they resonated more with US audiences who were increasingly fed social justice themes from Hollywood. SWs are a time capsule of a direction to go in entertainment-wise.


ooooh thin ice :wink:

Please explain.

I don’t think this belongs in this topic, but since you asked: I think you make a few debateable assumptions and/or observations that have a hint of a strong political opinion more so than they present a sober observation, but I’m open to be convinced otherwise, since there’s likely literature to support either points of view (there always is). Understand that as the host here I am always concerned about topics drifting too far off into such matters…

Sounds a bit like tin foil territory to me. Just because there’s a certain push back against decades of misogyny and masculine dominated business and culture doesn’t mean there’s an anti-masculine agenda necessarily. Culture is a thing that’s constanty in flux, works in waves, reacts to market mechanisms, etc. There’ no invisible body that sets an agenda deciding that dudes are uncool now :wink:

If what SJWs are what I think they are, then I think you’ll find just as many digging great movies, including SWs as there are women who dig them. They just dont hang around in nerdy places like this much or they don’t publicly carry these labels around. I know a few women who dig SWs, they might not make it a habit to watch all 600 or so shitty ones of them but still :slight_smile:

I know it’s quite common also in the literature to assert this, but there’s just plenty of numbers to make opposite obvervations as well or at least to dispute that the picture was that one-sided. that’s also a reason I find the term “revisionist western” ludicrious, not because that sub genre isn’t revisioning things but because it’s being used by those who don’t like the new visions and just assume the old vision is the correct one in their mind :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarification and sharing your opinions. The culture pendulum swings back and forth… I’ll stay on topic so as not to stray even further though it would be interesting. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Does SWDB sell any gear besides DVDs?

Massimo, I agree with everything you had to say in your initial reply. :+1:

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