[Brazil] Ocean Pictures

out of sheer boredom I have started a DVD catalog and added a few discs to the DB


but there’s too many…

What is the print quality of these DVD’s?Anyone purchase these Ocean discs previously
as I’m interested since most have English audio?

I have a lot from them, most are letterboxed ratio, are you interested in some title?

I would be interested in the obscure SW titles that haven’t been released as of
yet in other countries.If You Shoot You Live '75 as an example.
Would the DVD’s you have be commercial releases or DVD-R’s?I’m interested
in commercial copies of For $100000 Thousand Dollars For A Killing,
Il Mercenario,They Call Him Cemetery,$10000 Dollars Blood Money,I Want
Him Dead.Please advise cost or e-mail address.
Thank you.

aren’t some of those out by Koch? but yeah those are expensive, and no english audio…

What’s the best place to buy Ocean Pictures dvd’s?

I have got mine from E Bay, there is a seller which has most of the releases.

Aynone found a shop for these Ocean Pictures DVDs yet? That seller on ebayhttp://stores.ebay.it/DVD-Star-Imp/Westerns-/ doesn’t appear to have any of the releases I’m looking for (Stranger in Town/Stranger Returns/Cutthroats Nine).

Cine City Holland has several Ocean releases


(Click on DVD, then in the list on spaghetti westerns)

ocean pictures has its own online shop attached as well, not sure what their shipping policies are… u can also try the brazilian FNAC website maybe they have a few titles as well

Cinecity doesn’t have the titles I’m looking for and so far I haven’t found any Brazilian shop that even ships abroad. All of them require to enter the “CEP”, which appears to be some brazalian postal code system, when checking out. I contacted that Ebay seller, maybe he can get the other titles.

some of those have poor audio

flashstar is releasing “big ringo’s night”: http://www.2001video.com.br/images/fotos_produtos/dvd_72716.jpg

With the recent discussion regarding Ocean Pictures’ release of ‘I Want Him Dead’ and it’s apparently great quality, I went looking through their catalog and have picked out a handful of titles that I either can’t find anywhere else in English or have equally questionable quality English releases:

Per 100,000 dollari ti ammazzo
El Cisco
Centomila Dollari Per Ringo
Lo Voglio Morto
Vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo, La (British DVD vs. Brazilian DVD)
La Grande notte di Ringo (Sinister Cinema vs. Brazilian)
Roy Colt e Winchester Jack (American w/Italian Audio vs. Brazilian w/English Audio)

Any word on the quality of these releases (besides Lo Voglio Morto)?

I have a Brazilian disc of A Stranger in Paso Bravo, unsure if its this company.

Just checked, that’s from some company called Divisa