Bow and Arrow Hero

(Bat_Lash) #1

I haven’t seen a lot of SWs yet (22), but I’m disappointed that I haven’t come across one that has a hero that only uses a bow and arrow. If Burt Reynolds in Deliverance, Rambo, and the Punisher have taught us anything, it’s that hitting someone in the neck with an arrow is awesome.

Can I expect some bow and arrow action from any SW?

(Silence) #2

Leif Garret uses a Bow and Arrow sometimes in Kid Vengeance, but can’t think of more. Lou Castel uses boomerangs in Matalo.

(Paco Roman) #3

There is some Bow and Arrow Action in Navajo Joe (but I think not by the main hero)!
And of course at the beginning of A Genius, two Partners and a Dupe. :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #4

True. But it’s the only decent scene in the movie. Not worth sitting through just for that.
imo of course :wink:

(Dillinger) #5

I mean there are not many native Americans in SWs, so not much of a chance for bows…

(autephex) #6

there’s the one where the guy uses the crossbow… can’t remember the title at the moment

(Pacificador) #7

The lady in Black Killer uses a bow quite handily.

(Chris_Casey) #8

Doesn’t Woody Strode use a bow and arrow in KEOMA?

(Pacificador) #9

Good call, Chris…yes he does.

(Reverend Danite) #10

Lincoln Tate takes on a nutter with a cannon at the end of Acquasanta Joe, armed only with bow and arrows, to good effect.

(Bill san Antonio) #11

[quote=“autephex, post:6, topic:2079”]there’s the one where the guy uses the crossbow… can’t remember the title at the moment[/quote]Jeff Cameron in Bounty Killer in Trinity maybe.

(autephex) #12

Ah yes, I believe that’s the one I’m thinking of

(Spaghetti Monkey) #13

Tony uses dynamite arrows at the conclusion of GET MEAN. Long before Rambo. ;D