Which of these discs are uncut or have the least cuts? The Wild East and Dutch discs are non-anamorphic so picture quality is most likely going to be better on the Italian and Scandinavian releases since both are anamorphic. Scandinavian disc rusn 87 minutes so not sure if that is cut or not and how the other releaes compare in terms of runtime.

Italian disc:

Wild East:

Dutch disc:

Scandinavia disc: (runs 87 minutes)

you forgot the German disc, which offers the extended cut, the uncut intl. theatrical cut, AND a cut comedy version

and a bunch of extras

I didn’t forget about it…I actually didn’t even know about it…thanks for the info…I think that this may be the best version…maybe not in terms of video quality but certainly in terms of the runtime.

According to a german SW forum even the long version of the german DVD is not completely uncut. There was meanwhile a cheap italian DVD (in bad quality) released which is slightly longer.

All i have is the wild east disc, i see that there are quite a few editions available, what one should it get (i’ll still keep the wild east one for the set though)

read the bottom of the page

there are some 2.35 format versions/editions and some 1.85 versions/editions too. Should I think 2.35 is the OAR??
Do you know wich version (comedy, intl, etc) is the Spanish one released by Suevia? Unfortunely it is 1.85.

2,35 is the OAR

afaik the comedy version a German thing, you wont find that anywhere outside Germany/Austria I believe

So the 3-Disc set from Germany ( is out-of-print then? I just checked and it appears it is.


I just recieved the Italian Stormmovie 2-disc release and it has a comedy version in Italian and a super 8 version in Italian and German.