[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

Is it necessary to be familiar with part 1 in order to enjoy this?

That looks like a kids movie. Is it good?

Not really but it might help as some of the characters are introduced in the first film who appear in this one too.

Maybe more like family movie I’d say. As a family movies these are weird ones though because they have some nasty looking animal fights and brutality. They’re ok if you like these kind of films, personally I’m not a fan.

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Has anyone heard anything on Koch Media’s new transfer and Blu Ray of Any Gun Can Play and any hints on what other titles Koch has planned for its next SW line? Thanks.

Look what I found


PS: the koch corporate website is better maintained than the koch films website…


Nice. I know it says the cover isn’t final but damn that one makes it a hard sell :slight_smile:

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Hopefully it has English audio like the other Blu-rays! I actually enjoyed Beyond the Law the last time I watched it.

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Yep let’s hope so. Never heard of Dolphin Medien before though. Seems like a brand new publisher. This prelimanry info doesn’t bode well:


yea we need to wait for final specs…

The aspect ratio on Amazon says 1.77:1 and the film is supposed to be in 2.35:1 from memory. It might end up being a waste of a HD scan like Lion of the Desert.

The info at the above sets the aspect ratio at 2.24:1 which probably also means nothing :slight_smile: I would be very surprised if it wasn’t presented in the correct aspect ratio. More worried about the dub.

It also appears to be a much shorter version, again if that info is accurate ? :thinking:

The Amazon site says 89 min, this would be the Pal runtime of the heavily cut German version. And in any case a worthless release of this film.
I doubt that this will happen, and expect the uncut version. Maybe the German version is also on the disc.

I won’t buy it anyway, as the film is not good enough for me to justify another purchase.

Dolphin is the new label by former KSM founder (KSM was sold, I think, to Koch)

Eureka are releasing Gli Specialisti.

Great news! Hopefully it will be with the English dub, and overall more meat than Kino’s bare bone release.

Will definitely double dip for the Eureka release. The French release I have right now is nice, but sadly I can’t read French all that well.

Eureka puts in 100% effort into every release, like Arrow, Criterion, and many other companies. I’m totally through with Kino unless their release is the only way to see certain films. I was greatly disappointed that their release of Farewell Friend didn’t have the French language track with subtitles as promised on Blu Ray.com and their own website.

The French UHD release includes English subs.

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That’s true, but the player and TV cost way too much, and the TVs and players I have now suit me just fine.