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That’s most likely the real theatrical version.

What you mean is that long 178 min version, which is most likely only a private version of Leone.

A perfect edition would contain both versions, with English and Italian audio and subs and skip this then superfluous Paramount version.

Yep, the ‘Director’s Cut’ which is only on the Special Edition Italian DVD.

If they’d just bin that that daft rising sequence, that’d be great. But I suppose it’s still better than the grotto scene…

For me this scene is worse, as it destroys so much of the bold storytelling. The grotto scene only makes the film drag a bit.

As far as I know it is still questionable if this long version could be called a DC. I think it is not one, just a special version. I prefer the shorter one, the one with 165 min, the one I saw pretty often in the theatres.

Maybe I’m being a bit slow … but I don’t know what this is ?

It’s just seeing Harmonica getting up after Woody Strode shoots him. The reveal of Harmonica at the tavern would be better without it, I think.

Not only that scene would be better, the whole film up to that point. At least for those who watch OuTW for the first time.

That’s the way I originally saw the movie, when it was reissued in 1983 or 4 by BFI, I believe. I liked the scene very much … can’t understand why it might bother some viewers. I mean, it’s no surprise that the main protagonist survives the shootout. :slight_smile:

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In 1969 Bronson was a pretty unknown actor, barely more famous than Strode or Elam.

To let the audience think for another 25 min that all 4 are dead, and that’s the way the scene was directed, was a pretty daring idea. I think it would be still irritating, even when one knows that Bronson is one of the film’s leads.

Anyway, after watching the film for 25 years without that scene, it was quite a shock ( :wink: ) to see suddenly such a scene there.
That’s like having suddenly a new scene between the famous match cut in 2001.

I like the scene too and it’s the way I’ve always known the film to be. I didn’t discover SW’s until about 2004. I think the current US paramount disc that I have has the option to watch the original theatrical cut.

I see your point … and perhaps the jump from Cattle Corner gunfight to Sweetwater Ranch massacre is more effective - but having seen the film so many times, I find it tough to be objective … as to me it’s more a series of amazing images, rather than a tightly plotted ‘Whodunnit’ in the west.

These days, more missing scenes are of great interest, even if they don’t necessarily enhance the story.

BTW: The interview with Giancarlo Santi, on the Arrow release of ‘The Grand Duel’, he tells us that as assistant director, he and his team shot thousands of feet of film, just for the opening scenes of OUTW … that would be a wonderful selection for a true 50th anniversary BD.

The Paramount BD has an option to watch a very slightly longer version, which has more reaction shots of Elam, Strode and Mulloch … which show there relief at not having to fight, when they assume no one’s getting off the train - This adds a lot to the scene IMHO … it wasn’t included in the cinema re-release or DVD, but on the Italian DVD, which has slightly different timings on the title credits, and a warmer sepia tint to the colour scheme (Not Yellow!) It looks really nice, and it’s not hard to follow, as most of the dialogue is near identical to the English version.


So if this much longer cut is only on the Italian DVD I wonder why no one is releasing it elsewhere?

I suppose because Paramount own the rights in English speaking territories and they can’t be arsed! … or don’t have access to the archive material ???

This second version on the Blu was a try to restore the theatrical version, especially the colors, by Scorsese. But somehow he/ they didn’t.
In the opening scene the theatrical version runs longer for about 70 sec (the long version adds another 30 or 40 sec), but Scorsese put only 20 sec back. I have no idea why?
Instead the so called Rising scene, which should be cut out, was expanded.
And even the easiest thing to fix, the wrong closing music, is still the same.

Nothing of that destroys the film, but it is odd that such a famous film, which was already re-released on numerous discs, is still not available like it was released in 1968. Also not in Italy.

Same problem btw with GBU.

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Review of Django The Bastard blu ray is up on DVDBEAVER:


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Anyone knows what happened to WEs latest announcement of Today it’s me…Blu-Ray?

Eureka are releasing Giu La Testa, but I don’t think it’s a new transfer.

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Database upgraded:


Pre-order here:


Says it will feature two versions from two different transfers on separate discs, but nothing about new transfer

The trailer they out out yesterday had a horsefall… but dont get your hopes up