Big Gundown Blu Ray- Anybody want mine?


That wasn’t to me by any chance - through ebay?

I sold it on ebay to someone from Northern Ireland. You don’t happen to live there do you?

LOL - that’s me!! Cheers Col!! ;D

Haha Cheers! Had you known you coulda bought it from me here instead and I would’ve give you a better price because I wouldn’t have to pay the exorbitant ebay fees. Was pleasantly surprised that it sold within 2 hours of me listing it. Anyway, I shipped it yesterday morning and the dude at postal service said it would take approx. 4 weeks, so let me know when it arrives safe.

Aw that’s ok - it’s still good value and at least I know it’ll have been looked after!

4 weeks - d’oh!! :o

Thanks again - looking forward to seeing it on blu ray