Best written spaghetti westerns?

I don’t think I’ve seen a topic like this, so I thought I’d start one. Spaghetti westerns are generally pretty thin of sparkly dialogue and suffer when they go through multiple translations, but they do sometimes have great plots and good writing.

Which spaghetti westerns stand out as being well written?

Great topic idea!

SWs are usually quite thin on plot but I would say Light the Fuse Sartana is quite cleverly written. Storywise, I like Day of Anger and Tequila Joe as well. I’m one of the few SW fans out there who actually cares about the plot.

I think there’s some clever writing on a couple of the Sartana movies, because I remember being pleasantly surprised by the detective story elements in I Am Sartana, Your Angel Of Death. I wish more westerns had been made with such intricate plots and more heroes had been shown using their brains as well as their trigger fingers.

I always think of Day of Anger as sort of like a spaghetti version of Karate Kid, but you’re right, it is very well constructed. I love the dialogue, especially as the lessons are being taught.

Face to Face is pretty well written. As is Big Gundown. Death Rides a Horse as well. Tepepa also has some well thought out writing. This is a good topic indeed. Very Interesting.

I thought Vengeance had occasionally good dialogue. As Alex Cox points out. God Forgives… I Don’t had a great and Noirish plotline that was pretty intelligent I thought. As do the other films in the Colizzi trilogy.

Have to say Once Upon a Time in the West, so well written… i’d say God Forgives… I Don’t as well, great dialogue. Also Bullet for the General alternate Koch english audio.

A lot of the Political spaghettis have good writing. The strong parallels to 1960’s Italy were for the most part skillfully done. As well as the political and social messages