Best soundtrack release for "Il Grande Duello/The Grand Duel?"

When it comes to Spaghetti Western soundtracks I tend to seek out the GDM releases as they’re usually among the best versions in terms of quality. However, none of the CD releases for Il Grande Duello were done by GDM and since I’m not familiar with the labels that did release it I wanted to see if anyone else was and if they had a particular recommendation.

The first release (PRCD 120) was in 1995 by the Italian label, Point Records. This release also includes the soundtrack for Si Puo’ Fare… Amigo (It Can Be Done Amigo.)

The next release (RBCP-2306) was in 2003 by the Japanese label, Rambling Records. Unless I’m mistaken, this release appears to be the same as the 1995 release only with the omission of the Si Puo’ Fare… Amigo tracks.

The last release (QRSCE042) was put out in 2012 by the Spanish label, Quartet Records. This album features 4 additional tracks exclusive to this release and according to it’s discogs page, it was remastered by Claudio Fuiano whom I told is really good when it comes to restorations. This release also includes the soundtrack for Lo Chiamavano Mezzogiorno (The Man Called Noon.)

With that said, I’m currently leaning towards the 2012 release by Quartet Records, but I wanted to see if there were any good reasons to consider getting one of the other two releases instead.

Quartet Records knows what they’re doing so no reason not to pick theirs up. Probably also the easiest to find.

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