Best release of Leone's films?

Well, the title pretty much says it all! I would like to know, what are the best English language releases to get for each film in the Dollars Trilogy, plus OUATITW and DYS?

Subject gets brought up fairly regularly…

Last I knew, the German releases of the first 2 dollars films are the best available. These discs are linked here:,4035.msg169412.html#msg169412

GBU hasn’t really seen an ultimately satisfying release yet, I went with a fandub of the Italian disc until it sees a proper blu release with English audio

OUATITW is pretty much the same regardless of country, most agree the transfer is great but some take issue with the cut.

DYS, I don’t know

Do the German discs have the original English Mono?

I should like to join in on Jonny’s question. Haven’t seen them in years, and it’s about time.
For GBU and DYS I have the MGM special edition DVDs. For OUT I have the Paramount Special Collector’s Edition DVD. I reckon there are better BluRay releases to be had nowadays?

Is this thread about BD or DVD?

For my part I should appreciate comments on both.

Well, it’s for both really. I’d assume there are blu-rays that hold top spots for some of the films, but if a dvd beats a blu-ray in terms of quality (both picture quality being true to the original and original English mono audio), then I’d say list that.

Also, where can I get this fandub of the Italian disc? Is the Italian transfer the most “accurate” (as you can get with these things) and is a dub with the original English Mono?

As for the two dollar films I have taken autephex’ advice. As for GBU I’ll go for the 2014 German BluRay release, as it runs for the full 179 minutes and seems to be the latest release. Should still like some advice on OUATITW.

Apart from Italy all in 2014 released Blus are the same. There’s e.g. no difference between the German and the UK Blu.

Same for OUTW.

[quote=“Stanton, post:9, topic:3463”]Apart from Italy all in 2014 released Blus are the same. There’s e.g. no difference between the German and the UK Blu.

Same for OUTW.[/quote]

The same for Giù la testa?

Yes, you get for these 3 always worldwide the same releases, except Italy.

I’m not sure for Fod and FAFDM. The rights for the English speaking market are also by MGM. But at least for Germany and maybe Spain it is different, cause both co-produced them. That’s why the German releases of these 2 are differing from MGM discs. Differing in case of the master used for the discs, the bonus section and the English language options were licensed from MGM and are mostly or completely identical.

The situation for My Name is Nobody is similar to those 2.

But for GBU, OUTW and DYS there is always an Italian version and another one for the rest of the sorry world.

Thanks for the information. Might as well go for the German 2014 releases for all of them then.