Bandidos (Massimo Dallamano, 1967)

(The Man With a Name) #141

I think it’s much better than Death Rides a Horse.


It definitely is, and it’s much better than Day of Anger aswell.

(Nick) #143

Check this one out on Youtube, it’s actually far better quality than most dvd’s I’ve seen. The only problem is the aspect ratio is wrong, but it barely affects viewing. I think it’s safe to say that this is in my top five favorites list.

(David ) #144

I like DoA and DRaH alot but they do not match the quality of Bandidos, wich is a pure masterpiece.


I’d rank the three like this:

  1. DOA
  2. DRAH (both in top 15)
  3. Bandidos (in my top 60 somewhere. Re-watching via a good release might change that though).

(scherpschutter) #146

Download it with Real Player and correct the AR


I’ve had that version for a while now. Dual audio aswell!

(Nick) #148

Way ahead of you. Already did it and It looks like I’m watching a really good dvd lol, no real shame in it as I’ve already paid for a dvd copy so why not have one that actually looks good?

What’s the file size and bitrate of yours? Mine is a miserly 1822 kb/s and weighs in at 1.15gb. Also do you know the source of that print? The German and American dvd’s don’t hold a candle to this rip in terms of quality.


1.87GB & 2951kbps.

It’s just a rip of the French Artus DVD synced with English audio. Nothing special really.

(Nick) #150

Got it, thanks for the info man. I’ve just been curious about where this nice rip came from, and if the original CG file was any better.


Yeah the one I have is English & Italian audio, but there is a larger one which includes French audio. No subtitles, sadly.