Bad Lieutenant vs. Dillinger

Who is your man?

Of course BL, but I had to vote for me.

I voted Dillinger too. He wears a tie.

So Dillinger is your man

Congrats to Dillinger

2 votes & you pick a winner? That was fast. Dillinger is the man, but don’t get in harm’s way. :wink: Plus he’s not afraid to post his mug. Points for that.

My vote goes to you I…I…Idiot

He does have a nice pun, but you didn’t include him in the poll.

No I didn’t

It’s Lindberg’s thread, he makes the rules.

I vote for Dillinger because of the dimple on the chin LOL

I’m sensing sarcasm Lindberg. :’(

No not at all

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
How did you hit on that,Lindberg

I wonder if Dillinger has seen the new movie about him :slight_smile:

Sorry, haven’T seen it yet. But I realized some blokes filming me the last months…