Apocalypse Joe theme

The main theme’s from Apocalypse Joe, Have A Good Funeral My Friend, Sartana Will Pay and Shanghai Joe are the same with slight variations. Does anyone know if this Bruno Nicolai tune pop’s up in any other SW’s?

Apocalypse Joe is actually different from the other two, but the theme from Have a Good Funeral and Shanghai Joe is also used in God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth.

I seriously doubted your statement when I first read it, but after listening again to the Apocalypse Joe and Sartana themes I see your point. But I don’t think that they’re the same theme in different variations. Many sw-themes sound similar, Morricone repeated himself too. The galloping drums, the twanging guitars, and the mariachi trumpets. Many themes are built around the same basic chords, so it doesn’t have to be a conscious changing of variations on one theme. It can be different themes who are just reminiscent of each other. (I haven’t seen Shanghai Joe though. :-[)

I think they all do sound a bit the same.

Good Funeral and Shanghai Joe are using an identical main theme. But that’s widely known.

Well, you learn something new each day!

Doesn’t matter if it’s used in more than one film!!

Great theme!! ;D

i saw an Anthony Steffen film with the same soundtrack but i can’t remember what it was called.

I like howthe score to this film has tha sortof medieval mistruls flute. Then their is the cool as hell electric guitar at the end.

Love the trumpet heard right when Eduardo Fajardo’s gang rides into town. Also heard it in Red Dead Revolver where I just turn the sound of the game off and crank the music volume full. ;D

Great theme !

This may very well be my favorite SW soundtrack of all time. Too bad it went to a movie like Apocalypse Joe lol. Not saying that Apocalypse Joe isn’t a good movie, but I thought a soundtrack such as this should be the score for an elite level SW. Shobary was correct when he said that the soundtrack was almost too good for the movie. I felt that they didn’t really utilize the soundtrack with optimum effectiveness for the movie.

I think God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth also used this theme.

He tweaks the riding theme for some scenes in light the fuse sartana is coming.