Any writers hereabouts?

Not sure if this belongs in Town Hall or the Saloon, but I was just wondering if any of you are writers and have done any books, short stories, or screenplays? I’m currently working on a very spaghetti-influenced screenplay; I am by no means a professional and this will probably never be seen by human eyes other than mine and my wife’s, but I’m enjoying it and was curious if anyone else has ventured down this road.

I’ve found that Any Gun Can Play (the book) has been a very helpful read as I go through this. The construction of it, grouping movies by theme and examining the different ways they might tackle a subject (plus presenting all the most common spaghetti western themes in an organized way), gave me a lot of help with thinking about what I wanted to write. In fact it was probably reading this book that really pushed me to start in the first place. That’s probably the best compliment of a book, I think - that it would inspire other people to write something of their own.


I write a little…it’s a hobbie…I wouldn’t call myself “a writer”


Same here I reckon - though if you go by the strictest definition, a writer is just one who writes… right? :wink:

My cousin who also writes and has had one of his short stories published actually prefers the term “writing enthusiast” :grinning:


Yeah. I’ve wrote 3 novels and a novella, but have no real passion about getting them published. The fun is in the writing of them.


Same here. I’ve always been that way with writing and other creative things, I do them just for me really.

Any interest in sharing what your novels were about? Are they are all westerns?

Yes, I’m science fiction writer with some 15 years publishing history in my country, mostly short stories, two novellas and one novelette and few screenplays for comics, now I’m very intensively working on two novels.


I mostly write sci-fi and horror short stories (I wrote one western, too). I’ve never tried to get anything published. I don’t regard my writing as very good at all, but I enjoy it. I got a lot of inspiration from Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone.


Well, for me, getting published is kind of essential thing, but I understand when someone writes just to enjoy the creative process.

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That’s very cool. I’ve written some horror and sci fi (more the former than the latter), but nothing published. Along with westerns these are my favorite genres.

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Glad to hear there are many creative people here. Get it published…movie, screenplay, book, comic, etc… I’ve had over 500 illustrations in print alone published. You can do it with writing now more than ever. You just have to follow through. Don’t be afraid to fail or think you have to be perfect out of the gate. I’d love to see new material with SW sensibilities.


Sci-Fi action…

Busting a planet-wide cattle-rustling scheme, with a golf-tournament as a ruse.

Stealing a flying-saucer at the site of Genghis Khan’s vault in Upper Canada.

Killing the above novel’s alien employers, along with Medusa and her sons; Pegasus and Chrysaor in the South Atlantic.

And the novella is a shipwreck-inquiry, told in flashbacks.

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After I published my article Who Directed “My Name is Nobody”?, I was inspired to start writing a book related to the genre. A decent publisher expressed some interest in it and asked to see more, but the problem with this whole writing gig is just being able to afford to do it financially (I’m at a pretty expensive stage of my life right now).

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