Another western without a title

OK this one I saw as a kid over (cough cough) 20 years ago…the one scene that left a big impression had a man killed by a cannonball.The guy is standing in the middle of a courtyard/large open space in the middle of town; his back is towards the camera, clearly a trap, the scene then switches to reveal a cannon pointing towards him. The guy is shot but he’s still standing with a huge hole in his chest. After a couple of seconds, his body collapses. Very graphic I know. Pretty sure it was dubbed in english. Anyone???

Holy shit you got me hooked at “a man killed by a cannonball”. This is definitely one of the more bizarre scenes that someone has described on this forum.

Definitely X rated and influenced by Lucio Fulci (aka Zombie) me thinks :wink:
BTW this was broadcast on terrestrial UK tv.
Typing this reminds me how much I hate CGI.