Another new western movie!?

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Robert B Parker (creator of "Spencer For Hire) put this story out on his blog . Let’s hope it’s true:

Ed Harris is developing my western novel, Appaloosa for a feature film. He plans to star (as Virgil Cole) and to direct. So far he has Viggo Mortenson attached (Everett Hitch) and Diane Lane (Allie). I’m very pleased with the casting choices, and have a lot of confidence that Harris will get the movie made (as you may know, most movies don’t get made). He should be wonderful in the role. I’ve seen the script and it seems flawless. Stay tuned.

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Doesnt sound very good

Storyline:Two friends are hired to police a small town.

Who Knows It could be good.


There was a 60’s western called apaloosa starring marlon brando,i wonder if its the same story?


HAS anyone heard any more about SERAPHIM FALLS ? HAS anyone seen 3 burials of estrada or down in the valley ? two new " modern" westerns.

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I heard Roger Ebert say three burials of estrada is very similar to bring me the head of alfredo garica

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Ive got “THREE BURIALS” But i haven’t watched it yet.

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“THREE BURIALS” is very vgood,with Tomy Lee Jones, very cool wild nature screens,desert.USA/Mexico border…

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Three burials is great, it will remind you of “Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia” and it has some beautiful western landscapes.

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Cinematically 3 Burials is good, but it bored the shit out of me. In the first hour virutally nothing happens!


I watched 3 burials and down in the valley this week, enjoyed both.


Seraphim falls is coming out jan 26…While browsing imdb i decided to check out westerns for 2007, looks like we(western fans) may be in for a good year,looks like 07 is the yr for horror westerns:DEAD WEST,GALLOWS WALKER,LEFT FOR DEAD,HIGH MIDNITE,THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE WEIRD, as far as straight westerns phantom stranger has mentioned some of these but here is every title i could find:THE HARD RIDE,PISTOLEROS,BLOOD LOSS,GHOST TOWN,3:10 TO YUMA,APPALOOSA,ANDBrad Pitt’s JESSE JAMES.Who knows maybe the western is on the way back! …to look these up go to imdb- power search-genre,western-year,2007.

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I wish they would make a gritty western.

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I hate Pierce Brosnan but this movie looks good. Wow!


[quote=“me, post:14, topic:385”]I hate Pierce Brosnan but this movie looks good. Wow![/quote]Actually he has played in a western before,GREY OWL ,it was pretty good.

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When’s this getting released?

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well trailer looks great. i allways liked liam neeson; pierce brosnan looks allright, but i had big problems understanding him. And i thought my english was good.
@me: on the trailer side it says january 26th, i guess that is US release. there is a horrible user comment on imdb. we´ll see

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Well wikipedia says, “The film was released for limited screenings on January 26, 2007.” so I guess I wont be seeing it anytime soon.

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just finished watching Seraphim Falls and I think it’s really really great. great cinematography, great screenplay, great acting. a very quiet and “grande” film, very minimalist and really mature. great stuff for people who appreciate stories like tough man chasing each other :slight_smile: