Amazon Belgium

Wondering if the SWDb should join the new Amazon Belgium partner program. I have to say, all of these barely bring in a few cents (Swedish, Dutch etc Amazon) but maybe we have more Belgians in here than I think…
Looking for some opinions, @Platypus @candela @rudolf.guldentops @Fredge @jacobsajc
would you shop there a lot, for example?

And of course @scherpschutter

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To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be using the Belgian Amazon a lot, especially when it comes to westerns. For German releases, I’ll just use Amazon DE and for UK releases I use Amazon UK. I have a feeling it will still be cheaper that way than to buy it from Amazon BE (which is why I hardly ever use Amazon NL).

And if the Dutch Amazon barely brings in any money, I highly doubt Amazon BE will do any different.

I wonder why though… can we find a few products and check maybe? VAT should be same/similar I suppose…

Minnesota Clay German BluRay: a few cents cheaper on compared to .de
same with Zeit der Geier. They have Morder des Klans BluRay in stock for little over 5 bucks, that is a must…

I also checked, and the prices are basically the same (except for ‘Eine Flut von Dollars’, which is 10 euro cheaper on Amazon DE). I’ll just buy wherever it’s cheaper.