Alternative Top 20

(tomas) #445

:persevere: :zipper_mouth_face:

(JonathanCorbett) #446

I don’t think so :wink:

See Reply #323

(tomas) #447

Ooh, so I have to just exclude the Top 20 titles, that’s the rule here. Well, I probably knew that when I posted that Alternative Top first time 4 yrs ago, but forgot about it. And I just posted this new based on the next twenty titles.

(tomas) #448

I hope I got that right this time. Now it looks a lot more like my old Alternative Top, which when I did put together I certainly knew better what the hell was I doing. :joy:

  1. The Silent Stranger
  2. The Specialists
  3. Long Live Your Death
  4. Ace High
  5. The Stranger Returns
  6. The Moment To Kill
  7. Sonny and Jed
  8. Boots Hill
  9. California
  10. Blindman
  11. Fistful Of Lead
  12. Drummer Of Vengeance
  13. Get Mean
  14. A Minute To Pray A Second To Die
  15. Four Of The Apocalypse
  16. A Stranger In Town
  17. El Puro
  18. You Are Jinxed My Friend You Met Sacramento
  19. A Man Who Cried For Revenge
  20. Return Of Sabata

(Phil H) #449

All good Tomas.
I will update the spreadsheet based on your latest effort. :grinning:

(The Man With a Name) #450

10,000 Dollars for a Massacre
El Puro
Taste of Killing
Vengeance is Mine
Death Sentence
Long Days of Vengeance
God Forgives… I Don’t
Sartana Does Not Forgive
I Am Sartana… Pray for your Death
Massacre Time
Kill Them All And Come Back Alone
Death Walks in Laredo
Those Dirty Dogs
The Deserter
Full House For the Devil
I Want Him Dead
A Man Called Blade
Sonny and Jed

Replacing The Genius with Death Walks in Laredo. It’s such a hard list for me. Honorable mentions are Sartana’s Here, Cowards Don’t Pray, Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears, The Genius, They Call Him Cemetery and One After Another. I thought about taking The Deserter out but it’s close enough in spirit to the macaroni combat films for me to give it spaghetti status. The top 20 seems so easy in comparison with this. It’s just ridiculously impossible to be happy with the final list.

(Phil H) #451

I’ll be doing my usual update of the Alternative top 20 over the next couple of days so if you’d like to add or update yours, now’s the time.

As per usual, if you are updating please include your previous list so I can make the changes easily.

(Cat Stevens) #452

Here’s an update, seven years later (replying to my original list). It’s pretty straightforward. I didn’t throw any curveballs, like Here We Go Again, Eh Provvidenza? even if I wanted to!:

  1. A Pistol For Ringo
  2. Tepepa
  3. Death Sentence
  4. If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death
  5. Ace High
  6. Bandidos
  7. Price of Power
  8. God Forgives, I Don’t
  9. Forgotten Pistolero
  10. El Puro
  11. California
  12. Trinity is Still My Name
  13. Anda Muchacho, Spara!
  14. And God Said to Cain
  15. Johnny Hamlet
  16. Arizona Colt
  17. Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
  18. Django, Prepare a Coffin
  19. Any Gun Can Play
  20. The Stranger Returns

(autephex) #453

Its been a while since I really rewatched all my top 20…

(Cat Stevens) #454

I just got a whole bunch of new Blu-rays, and the department at the university where I teach got an incredible film screening room last year, so I’m making this my #1 plan for the spring semester.

(Phil H) #455

Finally got around to updating the Alternative Top 20.

El Puro makes a comeback at last and Dead Men Ride sneaks in for the first time I believe.
No Stranger films for the first time now and Today it’s me drops out again. All very close in numbers to be honest so we could see it all change back again next year.