Alternative favorite Spaghetti Western actor

In threads talking about favorite spaghetti actors, Franco Nero, Eastwood, Cleef, Garko will all appearinjust about every single list. So my question is, who is your favoriteamong the lesser known or less prolific spaghetti actors. Here’s my pic out of 10.

  1. Fabio Testi
  2. Leonard Mann
  3. George Eastman
  4. Lincoln Tate
  5. Johnny Hallday
  6. Luke Askew
  7. James Coburn
  8. Ivan Rassimov
  9. Donald O’Brien
  10. Lou Castel

I put Testi as my fav because he is tal, handsome but no prety boy and has a very good mean face. And his broad shouldersmake him look far taller than 6 foot.

But Eastman always never looks 6’9’’. But he is always cool and ill tempered.

Not too sure who should or shouldn’t be included but here

John Ireland
Fabio Testi
Richard Harrison
Anthony Ghidra
Andrea Giordana
Claudio Casmo
Robert Woods
Enrico Maria Salerno
Claudio Undari
Eduardo Fajardo

Andrea Giordana!

I’m not a big fan of his. sort of a pretty boy but not in the same cannon as PLL. He is sort of a good actor though and I did like him in Taste of Death. But not Johnny Hamlet.

Good ideal Korano but I can’t really do a list without knowing who exactly does and does not qualify.

Here’s what I was thinking. Actors like

Lee Van Cleef
Franco Nero
Gianni Garko
Giuliano Gemma
Clint Eastwood
Tomas Milian
George Hilton
Terence Hill
Bud Spencer
Tony Anthony

You know, big stars. I’m talking about lesser known actors who occasionally has starring roles in spaghettis. Like George Eastman, Andrea Giordano, John Steiner, Robert Hossein, Leonard Mann, Fabio Testi, Lincoln Tate, etc etc etc.

!!! :wink: