All About Sergio Leone: The Ultimate Compendium (Oreste de Fornari)

Being on Covid 19 lockdown means I’m scrolling through my Amazon wish lists more often than is possibly good for me (or my bank balance) these days and this was my latest purchase.

Been contemplating it for a while and a reduction on price led me to jump in.

First impressions are pretty good. Anyone else read it already?


No, unfortunately, I don’t have that book yet. But please let us know what you think of it as soon as you’ve finished it. The Italian edition, Tutto Leone, and the French edition, Tout sur Sergio Leone, were both published by Gremese in 2018.

Oreste De Fornari has written on Sergio Leone before, one or two books, I think. But I haven’t read those either.

It seems this is more or less the same as published in the 80s. I have a German translation of that one, but was back then a bit disappointed by its content. But for the Leone nut it will have this or that interesting bit though, otherwise the Frayling book is hard to beat.

Here’s another Leone book that De Fornari wrote, which I bought several years ago.
I haven’t purchased the ‘All About Sergio Leone’ yet, though…

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Is it maybe the same under an other title?

I don’t think so…
The one I have, Sergio Leone: The Great Italian Dream of Legendary America’, was published in 1998.

On reading the introduction I think it is an updated and expanded re-issue of the 1998 book.

De Fornari says:

“In truth, as I see it, the only justification I can invoke for the re-edition of this book, which now sports a new layout (the photographic content is different, there are new sections, and even the old ones have been updated and enhanced), is a sense of proportion.”

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