Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Dance of Reality

(Bill san Antonio) #1

Jodorowsky is making a new film and is looking for the donations.
Site is in the spanish but you can get the idea from the video.
“With your donations we can make this project real. The people involved will have their name printed on the film. Donations totaling more than 100 USD will receive a certificate of ownership of an exclusive DVD of the movie version.”

(Bill san Antonio) #2

Trailer :slight_smile:

(Mickey13) #3

I’m not the greatest fan of Jodorowsky, but this genuinely doesn’t look too bad.

(autephex) #4

Wow, looks great… is this definitely being completed then?

Unbelievable that a name like Jodorowsky has trouble funding a film these days… one of the hottest directors around just dedicated his latest big film to him for crisp’s sake

(Bill san Antonio) #5
Wow, looks great... is this definitely being completed then?
Yes, it was shown in Cannes and got some praising reviews. I can't wait to see this.

(autephex) #6

Excellent to hear, hopefully its getting a wider release soon. It seems like films such as this take quite a while to become available outside of small festivals these days

(Bill san Antonio) #7

Resurrecting this topic. Meanwhile there was also a sequel Endless Poetry.

And now there’s a new project coming:

Jodorowsky is really on the new peak on his creativity at his late 80’s.