Alejandro Jodorowsky in Spain maiking a "Metaphysical Spaghetti Western"!

(korano) #1

Read a while back that El Topo director Jodorowsky is in Spain film ing a western follow up to Topo with Marilyn Manson and Nick Nolte. Anybody know anythng?


I only read this:

(Bill san Antonio) #3

site coming soon:

I soo wish to see this project finished.

(Dillinger) #4

Sounds pretty interesting. Poor Jodorowsky will have to deal with great expectations…

(Starblack) #5

At least he won’t have Allen Klein to contend with this time.

(autephex) #6

wow, this would be amazing… hope it follows through

(Tom B.) #7

From what I read earlier this year this film has very little western about it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens but I’m not holding my breath.

(autephex) #8

either way i’m all over it

love the holy mountain and el topo

(Hungry_bear) #9

As far as I have read (I’m a big fan) his plans are now to shoot the sequel of El Topo sons of el topo AKA Abel and Cain…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #10

Can sombody tell me what the fuck a “metaphysical” western is?

(Silence) #11

Wondering that too!

(Hungry_bear) #12

My guess spaghetti westerns are all about that, what is man without law and civilization how do man act to eachother in conditions without civilization, when the little layer of civilization-varnish is not yet there (once upon a time)

I think that’s what Jodorowski is aiming for using the western as a setting, the 4 big issues: love life fear and dead.

(autephex) #13

well Jodorowski is well versed in various forms of occultism -> see The Holy Mountain

Both El Topo & The Holy Mountain seem to just be vehicles to convey various ideas from this area of thought

So to me, it just means he’s using the western genre as a means to present ideas

(Hungry_bear) #14

That’s quite to the point, though his choose for setting is a wise one

(autephex) #15

I would agree with you on that.

(Hungry_bear) #16

(: is a riffle!
What do you think is what spaghetti westerns are about?

(Silence) #17

Revenge, gold, coffins and Blindman’s 50 women ;).

(Hungry_bear) #18

Actualy now I think it over:
the 4 big issues: love life fear and dead.
love shouldn’t be a part of it.

(Silence) #19

Hungry Bear, your inbox is full!

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #20

Anyone like Santa Sangre? shivers

Whatever he makes, it’s going to be fascinating.