Alejandro Jodorowsky in Spain maiking a "Metaphysical Spaghetti Western"!

Read a while back that El Topo director Jodorowsky is in Spain film ing a western follow up to Topo with Marilyn Manson and Nick Nolte. Anybody know anythng?

I only read this:

site coming soon:

I soo wish to see this project finished.

Sounds pretty interesting. Poor Jodorowsky will have to deal with great expectations…

At least he won’t have Allen Klein to contend with this time.

wow, this would be amazing… hope it follows through

From what I read earlier this year this film has very little western about it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens but I’m not holding my breath.

either way i’m all over it

love the holy mountain and el topo

As far as I have read (I’m a big fan) his plans are now to shoot the sequel of El Topo sons of el topo AKA Abel and Cain…

Can sombody tell me what the fuck a “metaphysical” western is?

Wondering that too!

My guess spaghetti westerns are all about that, what is man without law and civilization how do man act to eachother in conditions without civilization, when the little layer of civilization-varnish is not yet there (once upon a time)

I think that’s what Jodorowski is aiming for using the western as a setting, the 4 big issues: love life fear and dead.

well Jodorowski is well versed in various forms of occultism -> see The Holy Mountain

Both El Topo & The Holy Mountain seem to just be vehicles to convey various ideas from this area of thought

So to me, it just means he’s using the western genre as a means to present ideas

That’s quite to the point, though his choose for setting is a wise one

I would agree with you on that.

(: is a riffle!
What do you think is what spaghetti westerns are about?

Revenge, gold, coffins and Blindman’s 50 women ;).

Actualy now I think it over:
the 4 big issues: love life fear and dead.
love shouldn’t be a part of it.

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Anyone like Santa Sangre? shivers

Whatever he makes, it’s going to be fascinating.