Alan Eltron Barrell of Kit Cope Rides The High Country Has Died - 1983 - 2012

I wanted to start a new thread and not re-open one his from early this year. Alan Eltron Barrell was a great writer and amazing story-teller. He spent almost 14 years writing a book called: Kit Cope Rides The High Country. I did a trailer for him out of surprise one day. There were two versions, but only one got used for his site. I made one for him, because it was going to be seen at a film festival next year:

Sadly on Monday, he had to be rushed to the hospital. This was said by his brother on facebook:

From his brother:

"[b]Alan Eltron Barrell died on 29/10/12 at 0500 hours in the morning at the hospital in Ieper Belgium of unexpected heart complications after being admitted with breathing difficulties.

He is and always will be a Hero to me, a giant with a heart of gold who has, in my mind… A pure heart and blameless soul.
With that, im sure that on the other side. He will find his way.
Whatever that may be…
was troubled at times. However that was only because he was also a great thinker and scholar.
You did your body building “All the way baby” and succeded.
You wrote and published your book, kit cope, you did it and that was your dream and you did it you bugger, you did it…
So now when i think Alan, i think success, i think hero, legend, brother and i think. I love you man, we all love you.
Like you always used to say and we used to laugh, that quote from CONAN… “Time enough for the earth in the grave”…
That was you. That was you…

From the family we thank all of you who sent us and Alan such great messages that kept us going and helped us cope.
For that, i will never forget a single one of you…[/b]"

Alan was a great inspiration to me. He looked beyond what faults I had in my life and still said I should succeed. Sadly, I’ve lost a great friend and inspiration. At times he was hard on me concerning bodybuilding and fitness, but I needed it. Needed that discipline in life. Here is a tribute video to him I made:

Thank you all for allowing me to post this. He’s gone to the great western in the sky!