Adios Gringo/Wanted - NEW releases

Can anybody comment on these releases by German label NEW? Cuts? Image quality?

Many thanks.

Here are some screen caps for the NEW release of Adios Gringo

Looks mighty fine - thanks.

And here are Screenshots for the NEW release of Wanted:

Ah, just beat me to it Stranger… I have just spent the last hour ransacking my collection trying to find the disc, and was sure it was lost. Found it hidden away in an unsuspecting box of old music (sweet relief)

Thanks guys. Nice-looking releases.

Shame Adios Gringo is so darned expensive.

Just took Adios Gringo from NEW out of the shrinkwrap to compare with the French StudioCanal dvd and I get a not so nice suprise . There is a thick dark circle in the middle of the disc. I try to rip the disc and it hangs on 1 of my DVD drives, luckily on the other one it rips completely without errors.

Then I take out One Silver Dollar, also from NEW, and released around the same time. Guess what, it has the same dark circle and this time I’m not so lucky. Both my drives fail to rip the disc. It hangs around 80% (which is I think around the layer change).

Here’s a picture:

Of course both are out of print

Anyone can check their discs to see if they are ok?

PS: it seems NEW took the StudioCanal dvds for both disc as a source, picture quality seems identical. One Silver Dollar is a few minutes longer than the StudioCanal release though, maybe they added some scenes from a different source, haven’t looked into it.

candela, my NEW OSD disc looks like yours, actually the ring looks much blacker on mine. It worked fine when I first got it, haven’t tried it lately as that particular release omits the eye gouging scene, so I watch the Japanese disc instead. My NEW Adios Gringo disc is still sealed, I’m reluctant to open it after what you just posted. I’ll try rip both discs to my laptop later if I get time, I’ll let you know.

EDIT: My bad, see four posts below this one.

crap, then mine is not an isolated incident, and there’s probably no point in buying another copy. i hope you manage to rip your discs. maybe you can help me fix my copy then :slight_smile:

Re: Adios Gringo/One Silver Dollar - NEW releases

Both my discs look a mess, brown circle with darker spots, but both rip fine with DVD Shrink, and TS files play fine in Windows Media Centre.

One Silver Dollar has the scene where Gemma is beaten up in a far poorer quality than the rest of the movie. The parts where someone pushes their thumbs into Gemmas eye balls is missing (present on the latest Cinifil/Imagica Japanese release), we just see Gemmas head banged against the wall and he falls unconcious.
How NEW dare to slap UNCUT all over the DVD packaging is unclear, pehaps they don’t even know those parts are missing from the cut scenes they re-inserted, anyhow I’m not very happy about it to put it mildly.

I can copy the main film complete with all dubs and subs to a single layered DVD-r if you want candela, just pm me your postal address, but I dont think you will be very happy with that perticular version of the movie either.

EDIT: My bad, see two posts below this one.

Like you say perhaps, or maybe they were just not bothered.

Errr slightly embarrasing for me, appears I made a mistake, there is no eye gouging scene in One Silver Dollar, I’m confusing it with another Gemma SW. :-[
NEW DVD is UNCUT and does have the beating scene intact but in much lower quality than the rest of the movie.

And to really stick the boot in :wink: For 10 points can anyone name the Gemma SW with the eye gouging scene is???

All Eyes on Ringo

Hey guys, does anyone know if the Englisg dub is on the Studio Canal Disc released out of France? It says on Amazon there is English Audio but I don’t always trust Amazon’s specs.

Just received Adios Gringo, mine has the same dark circle on the disc. Wont play on my laptop, nor on my DVD, but seems to work fine on my Blu Ray. Kind of thinking about whether I should try for a refund since I paid a fair bit for it (20 euro) and the seller is in Germany, Im in UK so would cost a bit to return.

One Silver Dollar - waiting for that to arrive. probably will have the same problem :-[

Wish id read this thread first.

I have ADIOS GRINGO w/hardbox to sell to somebody for cheap. I got a replacement, which still has mark but not as bad. The main movie plays OK on my Blu-ray player but not on a normal DVD player. The super-8 cut which is an extra freezes. Also has some light scratches which can be seen only in strong light which I caused by trying to copy the disc in a secondary cd-rom drive and it wouldn’t so I pressed down on the top and it caused the disc to skim the bottom for a second but they don’t affect play.

Cost is £5 in UK

I also have ONE SILVER DOLLAR but the disc doesn’t play properly even in b.r. player. So I can send the box only to somebody or include with the Adios Gringo if somebody buys it.

Figure offering these on here is better than chucking them in bin! If no one wants them, well I tried. :wink:

Binned :wink: