A Train for Durango / Un treno per Durango (Mario Caiano, 1968)

The Fidani duel in that thread is among the best and most hilarious I’ve read on this forum.

Stanton, chapeau!

I, like many, often don’t care for the more light hearted westerns but this one got the balance right. Steffen does a good job as stated before but Salerno was the stand out for me. He never fails to impress in anything I’ve seen him in and he shows here he can play comedy just as well as he does drama.
Overall a very enjoyable lightweight film.

edit: In thinking about it more I think the key reason I enjoyed this so much was that, despite being ostensibly a comedy, they never make the mistake of spilling over into slapstick or buffoonery. Something all too common in Italian ‘comedies’. And no silly bar room fistfights either. This is all to the good.

Good point Phil. I also like comedies of that kind. IMO the two Trinities also work for the same reasons.

Love Durango, hate the Trinitys!

Here I would make a difference.

Durango is at first a western and then also a comedy (in parts).

The Trinitys are at first comedies. The second one even more than the first.

[quote=“Stanton, post:65, topic:428”]Here I would make a difference.

Durango is at first a western and then also a comedy (in parts).

The Trinitys are at first comedies. The second one even more than the first.[/quote]

I think it’s hard to even classify the second as a Western.

[quote=“Stanton, post:65, topic:428”]Here I would make a difference.

Durango is at first a western and then also a comedy (in parts).

The Trinitys are at first comedies. The second one even more than the first.[/quote]

I think the protagonists in Durango are real comedy characters. They all are a kind of satiric view on the western personnel.

Therefore Durango is a real comedy to me. Maybe on a comedy scale from serious to slapstick Durango and Trinity are not exactly at the same position, but they are quite close.

I think a lot of the comedy in Durango is rather dark humor. During the train robbery, the soldier surrenders only to be shot. Then a light hearted reply is given. There’s also the contest at the table where the canoneer gets killed. The film’s full of it. Or maybe, all spaghettis are in fact, dark comedies? Hell, I imagine a couple of those henchmen died from concussions after the Trinity fights. Poor guys. :’(

I think the characters, especially the Steffen character, make it a comedy.

Agreed. I think Steffen is very good for the role. The best aspects of his acting abilities come in his physical movements. Just saw the opening of Killer With a Thousand Eyes and seeing Steffen go through the crowd of drugies with Kinski-esque fury reinforced my belief in his physical acting talents

Haven’t seen that one.

Good SW. Perhaps the best film of Caiano.
It is very funny, but overall, the movie a good balance between humor and seriousness.
Also photographed very well.
The film does not kill you from the chair, but it knows to entertain.

I have seen a Fandub, with English and italian audio.
Very, very good picture quality.

Thanks to a forum member. :wink:

Why not the Koch DVD?

Some people prefer english audio to english subtitles perhaps ?

Well, he’s a German, and the German dub ain’t a bad one, and it has German subs following the Italian version.

I know the German synchronization. I have seen the film several years ago on television.
Therefore here the language was not so important.
And unfortunately I can not buy all DVD. Unfortunately I’m no millionaire. :cry: (But I work on it ;))
And other movies simply have priority.
But maybe I’ll buy the Koch Media DVD one day. Who knows? :slight_smile:


“Have you heard the news? We’re on … No, not Candid camera, SWDB!”


How would you rate it?

I was afraid someone would ask me that. It’s difficult to rate.

I’d say it’s on a level with Vado l’ammazzo e torno (better than I came, I saw, I shot, not as good as the Trinities or Don’ turn the other Cheek). It’s okay, but not great. There are very good things in it , it’s fast-moving, sometimes funny, the actors are good (Steffen is decent), but while watching it, I had the idea something was missing.

I’m not too fond of slapstick fistfights, but somehow they seem to belong to comedy westerns. And Caiano’s direction isn’t always inspired. It often feels like a Tessari movie, and with him in the director’s chair and Gemma in front of the camera, it would have been a great movie, half serious, half tongue-in-cheek, with the comedy better intigrated into the story

6-6,5 (on a scale of 10)


I’ve added a paragraph (with similar remarks) to the review

I would not compare Train to Durango with the Trinity films. These are pure comedies, at first a comedy and only then a western.

Durango is a western with some comedy and some parody elements, but all in all it is at first still a western. And the lighthearted elements are balanced by some more brutish scenes. The mixture of serious and comedy parts works quite good. Hmm, I don’t remember being fistfights in the film, they must have been sparse. (don’t say the brawls weren’t sparse, cause then I really must consider to repair the memory parts of my brain)

For me durango works better, and is better directed than the enjoyable Vado l’ammazzo e torno. Vado suffers from too much stupid slapstick which is badly integrated in the narrative and it suffers from an indecisive ending.
Don’t turn the other Cheek on the other hand is a film which despite good directing does not work for me either. Here the few slapstick inserts are totally out of place, and the tongue in cheek style of the film does not always work for me.
I also clearly prefer Durango to Tessari’s Vivi o preferibilimente morti.


Train to Durango 6/10
Vado l’ammazzo e torno 5
I came, I saw, I shot 3
Vivi o preferibilimente morti 4
Don’t turn the other Cheek 5
And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars 5