A taste of death DVD

I saw that moviesunlimited is selling them. No picture given and the label is not stated. English dub. Has anyone bought it already? Is it official?

Same questions for the Day of Anger DVD.

I wonder if this is the Alfa Digital DVD?

I believe it’s dvd-r, not pressed dvd.

I remember a while back, someone e-mailed them about their DAY OF ANGER DVD and they wouldn’t even tell what company manufactured the DVD. Not to mention their prices are usually a bit high, not a company i would bother with.

It is indeed a dvdr from Sinister Cinema. Got it this morning. It appears to be the same version as the (vhs?) rip that everyone has, even to the point of having the same black vertical bar up the left side, but, the picture quality and colours definitely seem better (oh and it has the faint sc logo in the right hand bottom corner. Only had a quick scan thru it but it does look better than the old washed out one i have…

Took a few comparison screenshots…they don’t exactly match up but i’m not great at these things! (Top ones will be the old version)

Have a copy of this version with the sc in the right hand corner and agree a little bit better… more sharper.

For future reference it’s probably cheaper to order direct from Sinister Cinema. And last time I was on their site they had a grading system for the quality of thier DVDRs.

This version looks better than both of ‘em - similar colours to the one - and a wider image (on opening shot) like t’other. Italian language only tho’. :’(

The Italian one is in the original format, but open matte. It was shot for a 1,66:1 aspect ratio.

The sinister cinema is obviously a 1,33 version from a 1,66 or maybe 1,85 source. As it is not open matte it is cropped from the sides. But not that much.

For the moment a fan dub of the RAI version would be the best we can get.

I would appreciate such a version… :slight_smile: