A strange japanese DVD edition of Django

Some years ago when I was in China I found a strange bootleg of a japanese DVD edition of Django

It was the only DVD edition that had the initial theme score by Bacalov sung in italian (!) and there was the “Fine primo tempo” “Secondo tempo” panels at half movie between first and second part. If I remember well also the initial credits were in italian. The image quality was pretty good.
I sold it some time ago to some italian collector but I would like to find it again…but I can’t remember which label put it out. I remember the cover was pretty dark, blue and black if I remember correctly.

It was not the Happinet Pictures release…I have that bootleg too and it’s the saxme version with english score theme, english credits and no panels between first and second half of the movie

anybody knows that edition ??

The 2007 Japanese Cinefil Imagica DVD of Django has the themesong sung in Italian, can’t remember any half time pannels though.
It’s an ineteresting feature actually, the only DVDs I have with these pannels are the two RHV MacGregor discs.

I am pretty sure there were this panels too…one in red (end of first half) and the other one in blue (second half)…I am trying to find it again as I am going to china next weeks and I hope to find it somewhere…

I think it was that one, in any case…it was a japanese edition for sure
thank kyou !

I found the DVD edition: it’s the one on Bandai Digital (バンダイビジュアル)

Please, if you have a copy of it, can you check if it realy has the initial theme score sung in italian and the panels between first and second half?

I am 100% sure it was this edition but I sold it years ago…