A Pistol for Ringo: The original Die Hard?

Hi all,

I’m advancing a theory and thought you might all be interested in joining me. I know many people who claim Die Hard, whether ironically or not, to be their favorite Christmas movie.

But what was the first movie featuring a hostage situation at Christmas where a lone wolf infiltrates and solves the situation through his quick wit and skill at gunplay while communicating with the authorities on the outside? A Pistol for Ringo!

If you have friends who are into action movies but aren’t into spaghettis, perhaps this could be the touchstone to share your interest in the genre!

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Good observation! Don’t forget to mention funny one-liners. :joy: That’s what I love about A Pistol for Ringo the most.

Not a huge fan of A Pistol For Ringo but I’m intrigued now to give it another look with this theory in mind. :slight_smile:

I like it, but not as much as the not-really-a-sequel. But it’s a fun holiday movie to watch this time of year. Are there other Christmas spaghettis? The other Christmas western I can think of is Three Godfathers.

Interesting thought, I had to revisit movie and yes there indeed are some similarities…

Not among my fav Gemma movies though, bank robbery is great but after that it drags at times…

Enough action to make it entertaining but far from great flick.

I thought the robbery was rather ordinary, but Sancho’s lines were very funny. It’s really as much a cynical comedy movie as it is a western. I love Gemma’s character who has a face of an angel and acts often childish but he is also clever skilled gunman who takes no prisoners.