A Fistful of Lead / Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin! (Carnimeo, 1970)

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Without a doubt my favorite Sartana, among my favorite spags period

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By means of a kick-off of Last Caress’s WESTERN MONTH I rewatched and reviewed the Hilton Sartana

It was a pleasant rewatch. I had not watched a Sartana in a couple of years, so I can’t say in what place it’ll be on my Sartana list, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be bottom.

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. Hilton lacks some of Garko’s badass image, but he does a pretty good job here
I planned to rewatch all Sartana’s in the next couple of weeks, probably in reverse (or random) order (I think A Cloud of Dust … will be next, because it’s closest in spirit to this one)


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I always confuse this and Fistful of Death for some reason.

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Must be something about the title …

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Jonathan, any information about the film’s original runtime?

92 min is the longest available version, but I think the Anica.it site gave it with 99 min.

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Submitted to the Committee for the Theatrical Review on 20 July 1970, rated ALL with no cuts, checked film length 2530 metres: 92 minutes is correct!

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Bruckner says 2720 m though. Is that from Anica?

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Most probably Bruckner’s source is Anica: it seems reasonable to suppose that in some cases their data concerning film lengths refer to provisional pre-release cuts, because otherwise there is no explanation for so many errors/inaccuracies.

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Ahh, now the first time you give an explanation for all these deviations. A possible one.


Just watched this for the first time (Wild East DVD). I thought it was pretty good and very well shot.

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While updating my file for this movie with Umberto Di Grazia, I ran across:

And as mentioned in another thread.

He plays Hoagie who the DB has as Armando Calvo :frowning2:

And Maurizio Mannoia…

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Second best of the official Sartana films for me. Watched this last night and realised I need to revise my alternative top 20.

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So it is part of the BluRay box, just wanna make sure everyone gets that box :wink:


See the BluRay news topic…


Many of you will already have this in your collection … but 4 those interested it’s getting a UK TV premiere today (as far as I know) movies4men Channel 48 … first new SW they’ve screened in awhile, and probably unwatchable after viewing the Arrow BD release. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not bad image quality at all for a SD TV rip, but the sound was out of sync … wonder if they’ll bother to fix it next time round - This gives SWs a bad name!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wasn’t that long ago most of us would have been more than happy with this - pre Arrow release.

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The new yardstick for sure :slight_smile: https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/The_Complete_Sartana_Bluray_Collection_review


Yup, and I’m a proud owner of that set too :smiley:


Wow that is a pretty nice print they’ve got. Imagine if they randomly showed a pristine complete version of El Puro one day.

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woah dont play with people’s emotions like that :slight_smile:


LOL … We live in hope :slight_smile:
movies4men were showing some good stuff regularly a few years ago, but it’s only once in the proverbial blue moon that something new shows up.

I’ve dubbed the Italian TV rip of El Puro, and will get round to posting on CG … maybe for Chrimbo :rofl: