A Fistful of Lead / Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin! (Carnimeo, 1970)

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Without a doubt my favorite Sartana, among my favorite spags period

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By means of a kick-off of Last Caress’s WESTERN MONTH I rewatched and reviewed the Hilton Sartana

It was a pleasant rewatch. I had not watched a Sartana in a couple of years, so I can’t say in what place it’ll be on my Sartana list, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be bottom.

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. Hilton lacks some of Garko’s badass image, but he does a pretty good job here
I planned to rewatch all Sartana’s in the next couple of weeks, probably in reverse (or random) order (I think A Cloud of Dust … will be next, because it’s closest in spirit to this one)


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I always confuse this and Fistful of Death for some reason.

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Must be something about the title …

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Jonathan, any information about the film’s original runtime?

92 min is the longest available version, but I think the Anica.it site gave it with 99 min.

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Submitted to the Committee for the Theatrical Review on 20 July 1970, rated ALL with no cuts, checked film length 2530 metres: 92 minutes is correct!

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Bruckner says 2720 m though. Is that from Anica?

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Most probably Bruckner’s source is Anica: it seems reasonable to suppose that in some cases their data concerning film lengths refer to provisional pre-release cuts, because otherwise there is no explanation for so many errors/inaccuracies.

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Ahh, now the first time you give an explanation for all these deviations. A possible one.


Just watched this for the first time (Wild East DVD). I thought it was pretty good and very well shot.

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While updating my file for this movie with Umberto Di Grazia, I ran across:

And as mentioned in another thread.

He plays Hoagie who the DB has as Armando Calvo :frowning2:

And Maurizio Mannoia…

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Second best of the official Sartana films for me. Watched this last night and realised I need to revise my alternative top 20.

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So it is part of the BluRay box, just wanna make sure everyone gets that box :wink:


See the BluRay news topic…