A Fistful of Lead / Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin! (Carnimeo, 1970)

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Its been a long time since I saw the movie, but from what I remember, he also loves his mom, dresses in white and carries a parisol.

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Finally viewed a widescreen version of this…wow what a difference to the crap pan and scan version.
Fun film which Autephex sums up for me:

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I’m a little surprised to see just how well-liked A Fistful of Lead is here, I thought it was the worst Sartana (well, actually I don’t consider it official) of the series, by far. I kind of disliked Light The Fuse… Sartana Is Coming for flirting with parody a little too much, but this one seemed to be a straight-out parody! Plus, I’ve always thought of Sartana as a lovable jerk, but in this one he just came across as a plain jerk (and I got nothing against Hilton). I remember kinda liking the film at the beginning, but by the end I just didn’t care about it anymore. Watching a decent copy of the movie with Italian audio might soften my position, but I really don’t feel like investing any money to find out.

No Gianni Garko, no Franco Pesce, not even the same suit and the fact that it really doesn’t fit in the evolution of the series (Light The Fuse… Sartana Is Coming really feels like an ending, albeit a degenerate one), I can’t consider this an official Sartana.


I was browsing this thread again…where can I find/buy this?

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Obtained my copy in a trade. A Franco Cleef job. He used a German T.V print I think as someone mentioned earlier in the thread. However this print is missing a few minutes, so he used a fullscreen source for these bits. There is fandub of the French disc floating about which I have been told is better picture quality than the Franco Cleef version. Franco Cleef version runs about 88mins ( even though his cover states 94 mins). Scherpschutter has re viewed the French disc ( running time 88 mins and 24 seconds ) here:



Thanks, will look out for the fandub then

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I made this custom cover to replace the “Fistful of Lead” cover, thanks to scherp for screenshots and synopsis :slight_smile:

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Nice job Bill!

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Beautiful cover. And Hilton even resembles Garko on it.

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I’m honoured

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Best cover ever.

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[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:67, topic:31”]I made this custom cover to replace the “Fistful of Lead” cover, thanks to scherp for screenshots and synopsis :slight_smile:


Great Cover, Bill.
Absolutely great.
Thank you.

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good movie and great cast!, not real sartana but close

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[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:67, topic:31”]I made this custom cover to replace the “Fistful of Lead” cover, thanks to scherp for screenshots and synopsis :slight_smile:

very good cover!!!

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Outstanding work on the cover! Been needing a proper cover for this title quite some time now!

(p.pereira) #76

Viewed again. The Franco Cleef’s widescreen version really made me change some ideas about the movie: it is very well shot! Despite that the plot is more or like the same of previous flicks of Sartana saga which can be boring for some people, but still I found it very, very entertaining. My complete review in Portuguese can be found here:

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Have any of you noticed that there is an alternate ending?


I have the “Sartana Saga”, which has this film in it, and in the ending, Sabbath survives. However, in the clip above, he dies! I guess you could call this an alternate ending, which in my opinion is pretty damn different from the version I originally saw. What do you all think?

(ENNIOO) #78

This clip is in the version I have viewed ( Franco Cleef version ). Film carries on after this segment and we find out Sabbath is not really dead.

(Stanton) #79

And so it is also in the german version

(ENNIOO) #80

The majority of the Franco Cleef version uses a German T.V print as source print.