A Fistful of Lead / Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin! (Carnimeo, 1970)

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Picked up the French release yesterday, the release with the silliest cover design you’ll ever see:


Sartana has become Django (the French title means: Django is coming … prepare your coffins)
The quality of the release is excellent: widescreen, 2,35:1, image and sound quality first class, Italian audio, removable French subs, but (unfortunately) it’s not English friendly

I’m halfway through the movie. I was rather tired after a long day in Brussels, and those sartanas aren’t exactly easy to follow, if you know what I mean.
I saw it before, a few years ago, but watching it in widescreen makes all the difference
Good-looking, pleasant movie

The company released several spaghs with similar cover design (and still a few to come), if they’re all like this, they might be very interesting

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Here are two screenshots of the disc:


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Been checking the other cartoon based designs in Amazon’s website, very nice.
My French its rusty but it seems a good buy since I only have it trough those spaghetti cheap boxes.

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Wow - fantastic screen shots Scherp.

Yet again I curse my linguistic skills (or lack of them).

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Those covers are indeed goofy… don’t care much for them.

Some kind soul has been doing quite a few custom subtitles for these releases

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What source print did Franco Cleef use for his version ?

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Was wondering this too. Assumed it was a VHS from somewhere… seems like he used South African VHS tapes a lot, maybe I’m wrong about that

(Bad Lieutenant) #48

Fistful of Lead had been aired widescreen on German tv. Perhaps he used that broadcast.

(Sundance) #49

Yeah, FC used the German TV print.

FC’s version is about 6minutes longer though (extra scenes in fullscreen) and same is true compared to the French disc (at least in running time, I haven’t checked what the actual differences are).

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Thanks for the replies guys.

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The French disc runs 1:28:24

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Finished the movie yesterday night
Good fun, but it loses focus a little in the second half, with some ‘excess of cardplay’ (my black sheep of the spaghetti family) and a truly absurdist finale that pushes the silly jokes a bit too far (and stays too long with them). Luckily Erika Blanc helps the film through its minor moments.

Just read some texts about the movie, and noticed that Carnimeo thinks it’s his best film


Luckily Erika Blanc helps the movie through its minor moments …

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:52, topic:31”]Finished the movie yesterday night
Good fun, but it loses focus a little in the second half, with some ‘excess of cardplay’ (my black sheep of the spaghetti family) a[/quote]

Yeah excess cardplay, extended fistfights, and endless shots of riding through Almeria, getting on the horse and getting off the horse, are all what I like to call “filler scenes”, basically adding to the runtime without having to worry about plot.

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Definitely not a lot of substance to this film.

One of my top 5 mindless enjoyment spaghettis

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I never really cared much for spaghetti card scenes either. not that I don’t like the games but I find them so poorly filmed. They never seem to let you get a good look at what each player has. But when filmed right in a movie, they can result in great scenes. One of the main reasons I liked Argento’s Card Payer.

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I don’t care much for the extended card playing scenes, but I do like the classic camera spin around the table, going from face to face


The final duel is one of my favorites although the movie feels more like the first Hallelujah

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #58

I think it is Hallelujah! They just gave it the name Sartana because Garko turned it down I think.

Probably similar to the Indio Black/Sabata situation.

(The Stranger) #59

For me, this is the best movie of Carnimeo (with The Moment of Killing).

Hilton does a good job. The film certainly has funny moments, but it does not fall into a comedy like the Hallelujah films.

Great camera work by Stelvio Massi.
And first-class soundtrack.

For me, the first 25 minutes are the best part of the film. The almost deserted Mexican ghost town. Very good. The center part can not hold this standard, unfortunately. But the movie is really recommended.

7 / 10

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I couldn’t find anything character specific. The closest I found was actor specific, but what I’d like to discuss with you folks is the character Sabbath from Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistols For A Coffin. What do we know about this guy, besides that he’s as quick as Sartana, loves poetry, and is very, very eloquent?