A Fistful of Lead / Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin! (Carnimeo, 1970)

(Sebastian) #1

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I watched this on TV recently and I thought it wasn’t a bad movie at all. The camera work was very high quality and the actors were in a good mood. And the music wasn’t bad either. What did you think about it?

(Laydback) #2

Ok, is this one that opens up with George Hilton extinguising a fire by throwing his canteen (While sitting down–And about 30 yards away, to boot) and shooting the canteen out of the sky right over a fire?

If so, this was the first spaghetti I saw (Before I knew what they were) and noticed various odd things about it that were different from American westerns. Such as dubbing,stylized shoot-outs,lots of extreme closeups, and funky titles (When I saw this on TV, it was re-titled They call me Hallelujah)

(Sebastian) #3

are you sure? coz They call me Halleluja is a completely different film (see the other topic). but same director and same actors… just one year later

(Antonio R.) #4

I believe this film is one of the Sartana oficial franchising, is knowed as SARTANA IS HERE… TRADE YOUR GUN FOR YOUR COFFIN, it´s the only oficial sartana without Garko. a great one and De Masi music is very good indeed.

(Franks Harmonica) #5

Anyone know where to find it in widescreen?
I believe the US release is pan n scan only.
Is this correct?

(Benito Alvarez) #6

Yup, p & s unfortunately.

(Bluntwolf) #7

Good movie, I liked it !!!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #8

i know the U.S release is full screen but if you haven’t seen the film you can pick it up dirt cheap.

(New Brandon) #9

I found this one at Wal-Mart a few years ago pretty cheap. I liked it… Sartana’s pretty far removed from the typical SW ‘hero,’ so I felt it was a refreshing change of pace.

(flynnparadox) #10

Just watched this one the other night. Not bad at all. It’s my least favorite “official” Sartana film but it’s a pretty good movie. Hilton is all right but he’s no Garko. Loved the Sabbath character. He was a good counterpoint to Sartana.

(Bad Lieutenant) #11

Nice one. Hilton was pretty good. Not as good as Garko, but still. I like the way this movie plays with cliches, to a point where it’s almost comedy. I agree with flynnparadox, Sabbath’s an entertaining, if slightly feminine, character. A nice additon to the movie, and Southwood plays him well. After seeing the movie, I immediately ordered a copy.

(flynnparadox) #12

If only there was a widescreen copy available…

(Bad Lieutenant) #13

Yeah, that’s really too bad. But, that American release is better than nothing.

(flynnparadox) #14

Yes, at least it’s an easy one to find. It would be awful if we had to get it as a bootleg and it was STILL pan & scan…

(Yodlaf Peterson) #15

At least it’s dirt cheap, i think you can get it for under $3 now.

(flynnparadox) #16

Oh, yes. Easily. I have it in a multi-film set…

(Earl McGraw) #17

Rented this one and I’m gonna watch it tonight, tomorrow or the day after. I’m curious especially now I’ve just watched two SW’s I liked alot.

(flynnparadox) #18

Let us know what you think, of course! It’s not the best SW around but it’s fun…

(Bill san Antonio) #19

George Hilton in the role of Sartana (and also the presence of Charles Southwood) makes this one look more like Hallelujah film to me but it’s still a good one.

I’d love to see better dvd release some day.

(Earl McGraw) #20

Is it worse?