A Bounty Killer for Trinity / Un bounty killer a Trinità (Aristide Massaccesi, 1972)

Doesn’t the O’Hara brothes in this one look the same as the O’Hara brothers in Black Killer? Not seen this one but seen them in a You Tube clip.

Yep large amounts of footage from Black Killer was recycled in this film.

The Reverend did a good post re these dudes as I remember.

I think It was me now you mention it - I’ve a brain like a sieve Ennioo, I was wracking my brains trying to remember who posted about this :smiley:

Me to most of the time Reverend :wink: .

Simple story and action packed with lots of killing. Jeff Cameron is the main man, and not viewed a later one for a while where the character is only really interested in money. Worth seeing alone for me on how Cameron goes about using his crossbow, and he puts Colonel Mortimer to shame on the amount of weapons he has. If you are looking for a 70’s Fidani type of one this may be for you, and I throughly enjoyed this one.[font=times new roman][/font]

Surprisingly the film is not bad, certainly above the expectations considering his nature of “Frankenstein SW” - derived from Black Killer and to a lesser extent Una pistola per cento croci - on the type of Corte Marziale (which is much worse), La Colt era il suo Dio, Giù le mani… carogna/Django Story and Seminò morte… lo chiamavano il castigo di Dio. Un bounty killer a Trinità is also at least two steps above products such as Allegri becchini… arriva Trinità, Sei bounty killers per una strage or In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt.

I agree with Bill. And in my opinion Brad Harris, for example, as main actor / protagonist is worse than ‘Jeff’.

Was the VHS longer than the 78 minutes version circulating on YouTube?

Not sure as no longer have that copy, have a fandub from the Italian dvd now.

I really enjoyed this one. The German DVD is nice quality, too. It would be great to see the same company release more of these budget DVDs with English audio.

Just watched it again. A great one to watch when you’re looking for light entertainment.

Just watched A Bounty Killer for Trinity. I’ve seen worse but “Jeff Cameron” is a pretty charmless leading man and the plot is a very basic framework on which to hang a series of action scenes.

It tries to have some fun with the idea of Cameron’s bounty killer Alan Boyd (a name that sounds more like an accountant) carrying round a sheaf of wanted posters so he can work out the monetary value of the villains he kills. It was a good gag when Leone did it in 1965, but a little old hat by '72. There is one nice bit where Boyd kills two villains who try to ambush him, only to find they aren’t even wanted, to which he responds “well that was a waste of time”.

Watched this one yesterday. A town is terrorized by a bunch of baddies on a regular basis, so Jeff Cameron gets hired to cleanse the said town of the bandits and to rescue a daughter of a local potentate. The rest of the plot is spliced from bits and pieces taken from Black Killer possibly among other things, I couldn’t tell. I’ve got to say Cameron is pretty good here, I really liked him and his character, the remainder of the story isn’t all that interesting to follow though and most of it essentially boils down to a shoot’em up actioner. It basically feels like a Fidani movie minus all the Fidani fun.

You basically get a lot of sloppy, confusing camerawork, tedious action scenes, some shootouts and all of it’s then merged with the footage from Black Killer, which endows the flick with a somewhat disjointed and schizophrenic quality. Also, it feels like they really struggled to achieve the full-length running time, so you get a lot of filler and things of that nature to draw things out. With all that being said, even though I found most of it to be a bore, it’s not that bad for a cut-and-paste hack job and is vastly superior to the other spag by D’Amato, namely ghastly Scansati… a Trinità arriva Eldorado. Last but not least, it scratches the itch for some vintage looking gravel pits really well. Far from good, but far from truly terrible either.