3:10 to Yuma (James Mangold, 2007)

Yes we see some growing respect for Evans. But Wade will still be a criminal, and he makes fun of the law following Evans. So i did not understand him shooting his own men. It won´t bring evans back, and he also won´t stop his criminal career, he just lost his gang. He never wanted that evans got killed, but i don´t get the killing of his gang. He respected Evans and wanted to give him the chance to impress his kid, and maybe because his gang destroyed that moment he killed them out of revenge. But i thought it was stupid and he was a quite clever guy before that. Well besides that it was a very good movie, but the final was too much, also on the visual site: to many fast cuts to make it look modern or something.

Yeah, I somewhat agree on what you’re saying about turning on his own men. Its not like he ‘got religion’ all of a sudden and killed his partners because they were evil. He was going to stay an outlaw regardless. I see your point but it didn’t fry the movie for me. I just assumed that Wade was a crazy sob and whatever he did(or who he killed) was not surprising.

I’ve not seen the original or the remake, looks like i’ll have to get mt arse in gear and watch them.

I saw the remake in theatres. A very good movie. Much more action packed than the original which is slower and more physcoligical. This one has the physcolgical and action elements on it’s side. Crowe and Bale are greatand I thought the ending was depressing but good. Wade desided to help Evan’s because he knew that Evan’s wasn’t doing this out of spite and it didn’t matter to Wade since he had already broken out of prison twice. So He can help Evan’s at no real expense to him. I ordered the Blu-Ray of this film for my new PS3.Will get here soon.

wow, this is a great movie. I was thoroughly entertained and impressed. really nice bad guys, deep characters, amazing gunfights, good music… recommended!


Valenciano makes good points about this one, but I have to go with the consensus - I really enjoyed this movie. It looks good, is well acted and has muscular action scenes.

I can live with its inconsistencies - the Wade character was established as not all bad to begin with, at least not compared with his gang, so to have him kill them off is a small part of his moral redemption.

For me most of the action scenes were disappointing. As was most of the film. Only Russell Crowe was very good.

Spoilers ahead:
I think Wade actually understood Evans and wanted to help him, so when Evans got killed he gunned down his gang in pure revenge. And he saw that they were coldblooded sadists.

Yeah, I thought this was pretty good… but for me the action scenes just feel badly edited or something, just don’t feel as exciting as they tried to be.